Cleaning Lady PH Case Study

Published on 2020 January 12th.

The Impact in a Month...

100+ New Clients Closed by the chatbot

300% Increased in User Daily Activity

2,000+ New Users Reachable via Messenger

24/7 Availability for Processing Bookings

Saved PHP 2M from Human Resources Costs

70% Less Time for Followups

Company Profile

Cleaning Lady PH is a digital social enterprise that provides professional, caring, and warm cleaning services to condo dwellers in Metro Manila. The company empowers unemployed women from organized communities such as Gawad Kalinga (GK) – GK Brookside in Quezon City and GK Manggahan-Kawayanan in Paranaque City and had them trained under TESDA certified senior CL officers.

The Challenge

Majority of Cleaning Lady PH's sales are coming from Facebook. They receive at least a thousand messages in a month and Cleaning Lady PH only has 2 Facebook Admins. These Facebook Admins are the same staff who matches the client with a cleaning lady and sets their schedules.

Average human reading speed is 200 words per minute and average number of words per Facebook Messenger transaction is 300 words. They currently have at least 8,500 followers on Facebook. Presuming every follower messages their Facebook Page at the same time, they will have a total of 2,550,000 words to read which will take at least 27 business days for an average human staff to read.

Cleaning Lady PH offers on-demand cleaning services and they cannot keep up with their increasing demand with their current setup. Hiring more staff is not the best solution as they scale because it is costly in terms of human resource management expenditures. Hiring more also means increasing the rate of human errors.

AI-Driven Marketing Alpha Cohort last 2019 November 4 in Warehouse-Eight Coworking & Events Space Makati.
From the right, Therence John of Resabal Data Labs OPC, Fran and Oskie of Cleaning Lady PH.

The Solution

Cleaning Lady PH enrolled in the AI-Driven Marketing masterclass of Resabal Data Labs OPC and they joined the Alpha Cohort.

The first 4 hours of AI-Driven Marketing masterclass covers how to craft digital marketing strategies and the last 4 hours trains the mentees to train their own chatbots for their business. Within 8 hours, all the mentees is well-equipped to publish their chatbots and present them to their fellow mentees. The presentation is valuable because the mentees will receive feedback from other entrepreneurs who are business-savvy and could retrain their chatbots for improvements after.

Cleaning Lady PH team publishes Ate Lila, a personal cleaning lady assistant bot. She was able to close 40+ new clients within the first 2 weeks of her operations. The good thing about Ate Lila is that she could instantly answer the Frequently Asked Questions by clients. Ate Lila could also entertain multiple clients at the same time in realtime. This holds Cleaning Lady PH true to their service to be an on-demand cleaning service provider.

One of the cool things Ate Lila does is maintain the focus of the small Cleaning Lady PH Team by filtering the qualified leads from not. This saves the team time on following up the wrong leads which increases the rate of closing deals.

Just a glimpse how Ate Lila closes the deals.

Ate Lila is Scalable

Cleaning Lady PH have saved an estimated amount of PHP 2M from annual Human Resources costs from Hiring to Training to Salaries. The monthly costs shall include having an HR Manager(PHP 50K), Recruiter(PHP 30K), Trainer(PHP 30K) and 10 Admin Staff(PHP 20K each) on the payroll if Cleaning Lady PH to choose increasing their number of Admin Staff rather than training Ate Lila.

Hypothetically, hiring 10 more Admin Staff will not resolve maintaining their on-demand cleaning service status because it takes 27 business days per Admin Staff to read 2.5M words from 1K messages of clients and this does not even include the time to match the cleaning ladies and the clients yet. The manual approach is simply not viable but AI is.

Fortunately, they chose to implement AI-chatbot solution and that is how Ate Lila was born. Cleaning Lady PH can now accept bookings 24/7. They were able to innovate and implement a viable AI solution by enrolling in our 8 hours long masterclass. That's just 1 business day and the benefits are endless possibilities with AI!