AI-Driven Marketing


The mentees will learn to craft digital marketing strategies and operate a chatbot. More than 95% of the establishments in the Philippines are small businesses. With advancements in software and AI(Artificial Intelligence), small business owners can enjoy the benefits which are usually only available with a larger sales and marketing teams.


First 4 hours.

  1. Meaning of Monetisation.
  2. Sales Funnel.
  3. Social Media and Monetisation (e-commerce and not just it).
  4. Tracking your data.
  5. On-site Monetisation.
  6. SOSTAC(Situation, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action, Control).
  7. Review/Preview/Q&A.

Final 4 hours.

  1. Introduction to AI.
  2. Introduction to Chatbots.
  3. Chatbot Elements.
  4. Chatbot Training.
  5. Application of Branding.
  6. Customer Attributes.
  7. Qualify Leads.
  8. Re-engaging Customers.
  9. Segmenting Customers.
  10. Personalized response to Engaged Customers on Social Media Comments section.
  11. A/B Testing your Market.
  12. Final Project.


  1. Laptop - the mentee shall bring his/her own laptop.
  2. Positive Learning Attitude - we want to make our masterclass an awesome experience for everyone!

The Mentors

Therence John Resabal

He is a serial entrepreneur with one exit via acquisition in his entrepreneurship record and Therence John keeps investing into new ventures.

He is one of the most sought consultants in Data Science & Engineering. His expert advice led to doubling the annual revenue of a Philippine skincare clinic brand while cutting the costs by half.

Therence John operates globally with most of his time advising an edtech startup in Silicon Valley which is valued at 16M USD while spending most of his days in the Philippines.

Gina Guasch

She is an entrepreneur, a trainer, a coach, and a mentor. Gina is a woman with many achievements and talents.

She has masters in Data Science and Business Administration. Gina is a Certified Digital Marketer and Trainer. She is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner.

Gina took her Masters Degree in Data Science in Asian Institute of Management. She took her Masters in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Central Colleges of the Philippines.

Gina specializes in business analytics in digital marketing. She is a certified Facebook Partner, YouTube Guru, and Google Partner.

Upcoming Cohorts

We only accept up to 25 mentees per cohort to keep our quality high.


Early Bird rates are only applied when a payment is deposited 7 days prior to the cohort's scheduled date.

Solo(PHP 10,600/Mentee).

Join other mentees from different industries and learn together AI-Driven Marketing. Aside from the insights and lessons provided by our masterclass, you will be given the opportunity to expand your network.

Early Bird Solo is PHP 7,600/Mentee only.

Squad(PHP 7,600/Mentee).

Bring a colleague or friend to avail this rate. Our data also shows that a company who has at least 2 representatives in the masterclass delivers better results compared to the mentees who are solo.

Early Bird Squad is PHP 5,600/Mentee only.

Bespoke(PHP 15,000/Mentee)

Designed specifically for your company with an expected objective in mind to be met by the end of the masterclass. Mentors and mentees will tackle real data sets of the companies to solve various problems and identify new opportunities. What happens in bespoke masterclass, stays in bespoke masterclass.