Investor Relations

50% Converted

Leads became official investors by following our Investor Relations standards.

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Resabal deploys investor relations managers and associates to strategically integrate with the issuer's finance, communication, marketing, and securities law compliance.

The deployed Investor Relations or IR team performs all relevant tasks to make fundraising through Regulation A, A+, and CF successful. The tasks include answering inquiries of investors, following up leads, and nurture them to engage with an issuer.

Our IR professionals are effective communicators, empathetic, proficient project managers, tech-savvy, data-driven, and Securities and Exchange Commission compliant.

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Our IR Standards


We analyze the issuer's data and design the right scripts compliant with our broker-dealer and legal team.


The IR team will be trained to operate within the legal boundaries of the designed scripts approved by the broker-dealer and legal team. They will also be trained to be familiarized with all the communication tools, apps, and licenses used by the issuer.


The issuer confidently deploys our IR team to join their day-to-day operations after the planning and integration stages. The IR team seamlessly joins the issuer like a longtime member of the company and continuously provide support to all leads and investors which could lead to closed and repeat investments.

Our Monthly IR Stats

266 SMS Sent.

426 Calls Made.

1,020 Emails Sent.

270 Contact Data Processed.

All of these stats are done by a single IR associate in a monthly basis.

Meet Charito, one of our IR Managers

She has decades of experience in stakeholder management as an executive assistant for a multinational pharmaceutical company in the United Arab Emirates. Charito frequently communicated with their United Kingdom investors and partners to bring more prosperity to her former company.

Today, she is an Investor Relations Manager of Resabal and continuously communicates with the investors. Charito ensures that our American issuer clients will hit their capital targets.

Just like Charito, we carefully handpicked and trained our IR professionals to be able to meet the ever growing fundraising needs of our issuer clients.

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