Rebuilding a Nation

Posted on 2020 September 3rd

Pandemic stricken Philippines currently has more than 27 million unemployed Filipinos according to the Inquirer. That is more than 45% unemployment rate. Businesses who are not adaptable to go online closed one after another. With the rising number of jobless Filipinos, it is an imperative for entrepreneurs to rise to the occasion.

Entrepreneurs are individuals who create new businesses. They bear most of the risk but also enjoy most of the rewards. New businesses mean new jobs created to be awarded to the qualified professionals. That being said, one of the solutions to the unemployment pandemic is to assist entrepreneurs to set up their businesses with ease.

Entrepreneurs' Needs

  1. Business Registration - It became apparent that business registration will be the jumpstart entrepreneurs need to create new jobs. This legitimizes an entrepreneur's business operations and will be protected by law. One of the challenges that entrepreneurs face is getting lost in the government's maze. Paperwork and requirements are not straightforward to most people and only specialists like lawyers and accountants are familiar to navigate through the crazy maze.

  2. Business Address - A business address is required by the government to officially register a business. This is not just any other address, it must be registered as a commercial property. A business address could be one of the biggest expenses of an entrepreneur. This could also be an impractical expense in the middle of a pandemic because lock downs enforced by governments are prevalent which forces everyone to stay in their homes.

  3. Branding - It was mentioned earlier that businesses who will not go online will eventually close but going online is not as smooth as ABC. The internet is crowded with billions of netizens and the only way for an entrepreneur to be noticed is to have a strong brand. Behind companies with strong brands are brand experts. Strong brands are the ones that stand out.

No need to worry about the needs mentioned, we got your back! Experts in chatvertising, accounting, and coworking have banded together to reverse the fast-growing unemployment rate. In partnership with Thinktank Professional Services and Warehouse Eight, Resabal Data Labs OPC proud presents the Business Starter Pack.