Facebook Turnover Checklist

Posted on 2020 September 5th

A proper turnover is important when a contract expires or significant organizational changes happen. When you lose a client, have the courtesy to properly turnover all the assets to maintain your credibility. When you win a client, you still have to deal with a turnover and this time you will be the one who has to be persistent in following up the outgoing stakeholders for a proper turnover. That is why it was an imperative for Resabal Data Labs OPC to have a checklist when it comes to turning over Facebook assets.

The Checklist

  1. Facebook Page - You need to become an Admin of your client's Facebook Page. Since Resabal Data Labs OPC specializes in chatvertising, we need to have the highest role and authority of the page to be able to publish a chatbot. Hence, the Admin role is an must.

  2. Facebook Ad Account - You also need to become an Admin of your client's Facebook Ad Account which you can find when you open the Facebook Ads Manager. This allows you to create Ad Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads that will be directly billed to your client's card. This saves the paperwork of reimbursements and what not.

  3. Insights - You need to acquire any relevant reports and documentation about the client's previous campaign if there is anything available. Not everyone is lucky enough to have this but anything that gives us additional information is extremely helpful.

There you have it. If you have any suggestions to add to our checklist, you may send us an email via tj@resabal.com.