Close More Deals with a Pro Email Address

Posted on 2019 October 7th

Every business is expected to be professional if it wants to survive the competition. Professionalism leads to more and better quality deals for your business.

The expectation to be professional also includes your email address to be professional. In this article, we will tackle all the benefits of a professional email address and how it leads to more business.

Professional Image

A professional email address shows that your business is well-established and genuine. This will gain your customers' trust faster than a non-professional email address. A non-professional email address like will take longer to be taken seriously when sending an email to a mailing list compared to a professional email address like

Website Brand Recall

The professional email addresses' domain name gives your customers a hint of your website URL(Universal Resource Locator) which they can visit later on. A professional email address like will give my clients an idea that my official website's URL is thanks to brand recall. My clients can now browse and learn more about my business through my website. Your website is the window to your business, this is where your modern customers will window shop or purchase. Whether the activity is window shopping or purchasing, this gives you valuable data on how to improve your business and make it grow further.

Spam Zone Breaker

More than half of emails sent are considered spam according to a German statistics company called Statista( Statista says 55% of emails are spam and 26.60% of those are healthcare related. Breaking into the Spam Filter algorithm is an uphill battle if you are not using a professional email address. The rule Don't talk with strangers also applies on the internet and that is why a professional email address will most likely be entertained because of its Website Brand Recall as mentioned on the previous paragraph.

Reputation Management

Your existing customers and the public will know if news or information is credible. Official statements are usually sent by a professional email address or posted on the official website. Fake News spreads faster than wildfire and protecting your brand and reputation is important for your business to grow without trust issue hurdles.


Professionals are efficient especially when it comes to their productivity. Herald Uy, CEO of a Google Ppremier Partner Company called Kollab, shares that "Gmail for provides a secure, private and ad-free email for your business. Keep your customers updated with real-time message notifications, and safely store your important emails and data. You can also create group mailing lists ( and centrally manage user accounts across your organization and devices."

Good news is, GSuite subscription is only 4.20 USD monthly as we speak so you can jumpstart using a professional email address and many more productivity tools like Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar and Sites.

You can definitely close more deals with the benefits mentioned above. If you are interested to learn and maximize the Google tools for your business, you may sign up for our upcoming workshop on 2019 November 4th.

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