Chatvertising Phases - Know. Like. Trust.

Posted on 2020 June 14th

Chatvertising is the state of the art management of leads and customers. It is the emerging way of advertising using chatbots. There are phases that every chatvertiser needs to go through before closing a deal and these phases are Knowing, Liking, and Trusting.


Customers must know your brand in order for them to even start a purchase decision. One of the best ways to let them know is through advertising. One of the deadliest killers of businesses is the lack of advertisement. Despite how good your product or service is, this would not matter because nobody knows it. Not advertising is like winking to a hot girl, who happens to like you also, in a dark bar. You know what you are doing but nobody else does. You know your target market but again nobody else does.

One of the best advertising platforms is Facebook. For as low as $5 daily Facebook Ads budget, you can reach thousands of people presuming that you are specific with your target audience and you have an incredible image and text content. Specific is Terrific so better be specific with your target audience to get the best results. Facebook allows you to scale your business for less than the price of a fancy dinner for two.

Another way to let customers know you exist is through events. The best visibility would be sponsoring an event but if you are strapped in cash, you can always just attend the event and do your individual pitches to the attendees. The latter is definitely less cash to burn but requires a ton of your time and effort to reach X number of customers. This does not even include making a real connection with the attendees. Either way, events gather people and there is a certain market ready for you to tap when you participate in an event.


This is the next phase and requires a bit more branding expertise. The brand is the reason why 14% of the smartphone market prefers Apple more than Samsung as of 2019. The same reason why some customers prefers Nike over Adidas. Your brand must be liked by your target audience. Regardless if they need your product or service but if they don't like your brand, they will not purchase. That is why you need a deeper understanding of your own brand so that you can target the right audience. Again, specific is terrific and that is why you would not want to waste your time on the wrong customers who wouldn't like you in the first place. If you are clueless about your brand, then it is the prime time to hire a brand consultant who could help you define your brand identity, messaging, and visuals.

The brand will make people overlook price and value of any product or service because they feel good upon purchasing it. For example, a certain iPhone version is priced at $1,000 and has less features compared to a Samsung version which is priced at $800 only. The loyal customer will still purchase the iPhone not for its features(the value) but for the good feeling of purchasing an Apple product while ignoring its price. That's how some powerful brands stay relevant and continuously operate in business despite having the lowest marketshares.

Conclusion for this phase is If they like you, they will most likely buy from you. I say most likely because you have to go through the next phase which is Trusting.


The final phase you need to get through before closing a deal and profiting. Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something according to the Oxford dictionary. You have to show the customer that you are reliable and credible in order to earn trust. One of the best ways to establish trust is by sharing your existing clientele and portfolio.

Great brands have established trust to their customers from Day 1. There is a reason why customers will buy out-of-this-world products or services from great brands like Apple and Samsung no matter how ridiculous they sound upon release. Just like respect, trust is earned and usually it is earned over time. These brands have proven over time that they are reliable on who they are and what they do.

One of the best ways to build trust is communication and that is why a chatbot is a powerful tool to achieve this. A chatbot is available 24/7 for customers to get answers ASAP. This reduces customer wait times. Getting instant answer is convenient and it shows trustworthiness and credibility of a brand to deliver in realtime. Nobody likes to wait nowadays and a chatbot is a game-changer when it comes to punctuality and availability.

When it comes to chatvertising and closing more deals, preparation is key. You have to prepare all the necessary activities for the market to Know, Like, and Trust your brand. Once they do, deals will keep closing. Deals will keep coming.

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