Chatvertising Checklist

Posted on 2020 August 18th

Make your Chatvertising successful by following a simple checklist. Resabal Data Labs OPC follows a checklist to maximize our Return On Ad Spend and today we would love to share it with you.

The Chatvertising Checklist

  1. Update Click-to-Message Welcome Message.

  2. Set Expectations.

  3. Sync Click-to-Message Ad with a Chatbot.

  4. Acquire Comments.

  5. Set Up AI.

  6. Re-engage using Sequences.

  7. Offer Value.

Update Click-to-Message Welcome Message

Setting the Welcome Message of a Click-to-Message ad on Facebook Ads Manager is important. It has a generic Welcome Message by default but it is not as effective as customizing the message based on your ad. Include a Call-to-Action or CTA in your Welcome Message. Instead of the generic Hello First Name! How may I help you? have a CTA like Hello First Name, glad that you are interested in our promo. Reply "Business Started Pack" to get started. which starts processing the lead into your funnel. The lead is interested because he or she clicked on your ad, cut to the chase and start processing the sales journey.

Set Expectations

Once the lead replies to your Welcome Message, set his or her expectations by informing him or her that a chatbot will be facilitating the transaction. We generally introduce the chatbot's name and her scope of work. For example, My name is Rye and I am the chatbot assistant of Resabal Data Labs OPC. I help clients book an appointment with our Chatvertising experts. In this way, the lead knows that he or she will be dealing with a chatbot and he or she could request for a human admin if needed.

Sync Click-to-Message Ad with a Chatbot

Preparation is key in processing your qualified leads inside your funnel. A Facebook Campaign without a Chatbot typically goes like this, when the lead clicks on the ad, the lead sees the Welcome Message, responds, and then an autoresponder will be sent to him or her which stops the engagement. The autoresponder will typically look like this, Our admins are currently out. We will get back to you as soon as possible. That is a huge engagement killer!

Ideally, you have a trained chatbot to process your leads. Once the lead responds to your Welcome Message, the chatbot takes over the conversation and slowly show the lead what value your business can provide. Eventually, the lead will be nurtured by the chatbot into a paying customer by providing valuable content. The chatbot is basically your online salesman who never sleeps and never gets tired. As long as you train your salesman well, you get the results you want.

Acquire Comments

There will be leads that will prefer to write a comment and start a new engagement within your ad which allows others to see. The comments are usually Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs. Training your chatbot to respond to every person commenting. You can personalize your chatbot's message to the lead based on the keywords used in the comments. For example, you can train the chatbot to answer all price related comments on the ad. Every time someone asks How much or Price?, your chatbot responds to them in realtime. The leads are more engaged and satisfied for getting their inquiries answered fast.

Set Up AI

There are times that a lead will not click the "Send Message" button of your ad and will browse on your Facebook Page first to gather more info about your brand. That's due diligence on his or her end. Once he or she decides to accept the value you advertised, the lead will message you. His or her message will usually contain the keyword related to your ad and that is why you need to anticipate and train your chatbot in advance to funnel leads like this. We recently launched a Business Starter Pack ad and we had leads messaging us that contains the same keyword. Fortunately, we trained our chatbot named Rye to process the said leads automatically so we do not miss any opportunity in our advertising campaign.

Re-engage using Sequences

There are times you have to nurture a lead further. Premium products and services, typically more than $3,000 and above, are lucky to have more than 1% conversion rate in their Facebook Ad Campaigns while affordable ones, $100 and above, will be fortunate to have more than 3%, and cheap products and services, less than $20, will be amazing to have more than 10% conversion rate. This means you have to follow-up with the client. One smart way to do this is train your chatbot for a sequence. For example, you remind the lead to complete the purchase every 8 hours to lessen your rate of abandoned carts.

Offer Value

After you provide valuable content and value to the lead, make an offer. I see some campaigns that lack the offer part, they just kept on going with the value even though the lead is already convinced. There are times, they even lose the lead because it is becoming monotonous. Just cut to the chase, let the lead know how much and what he or she will be getting. After all, you wanna make it rain, right?