Bounce Back Faster with Affordable Salary Loans

Posted on 2020 May 15th

Everyone was hit hard by the COVID19 pandemic. Business owners are scrambling where to find cash to support their suffering workforce while workers are desperately looking for more financial options to support their families. The Philippine government's Social Amelioration Program or SAP is not enough. Most likely, the employees run to their employers for extra financial.

Employers who provide more benefits gets to keep their employees. One of the benefits that most Filipino employees lack is a Salary Loan Program. Most employers are still hesitant to use their own money to loan their employees because they would rather invest the cash into business expansion. Financial Firms like Pahiram removes this liability from the employers by offering them a reliable Salary Loan Program. It's really simple, the employee applies for a salary loan and within 24 hours, the loan application process is complete. The salary loan is disbursed securely through Unionbank's financial technology platform and directly to the employee's bank account.

Finance x Tech

Resabal Data Labs OPC and Pahiram have joined forces to help Filipino business owners and workers enter The New Normal age. Together, we provide business owners a Salary Loan Program to help them retain their employees and resume operations.

"People are the foundation of every successful enterprise.

I've had the privilege of working for some of the biggest companies in the country and whenever I meet people who have made their careers there, they always point to their benefits as a reason for their success. Having access to great benefits gives them the assurance that their families will be taken care of. In turn, employees perform better and generate better results for the company. As a growing enterprise, one of the challenges that owners face is the decision to reinvest into the business or to invest in its people. With Pahiram, they can do both. We will take care of their people so that they can do what they do best and that's to grow the business."

- Mark Aguas, President of Pahiram

"Filipinos deserve more credit more than ever. We deserve better financial credit."

- Therence John Resabal, Chief Consultant of Resabal Data Labs OPC

Employers may approach Resabal Data Labs OPC to setup their Salary Loan Program. We target to help at least 1,000 Filipinos during the pandemic who have suffered financially. Once setup, employees may use Pahiram's platform to avail a salary loan for as low as 2% monthly interest rate which can be processed within 24 hours. You may schedule an appointment with us to get started.